Sunday, July 15, 2012


I am happily joining some of my friends and fellow bloggers as I express what I have been grateful for in the previous week.

The pelican that flew right over me in the mist.

Melody is starting to point to things.

My Mom helping me so I could take a shower and get a few things done.

My husband coming home early on Sat. night.

The queen anne's lace blooming on the road.

The seasons first ripe blackberries and huckleberries (just a few!).

Time spent with nurturing Mamas and babies.

The sunshine.

Giggles in the bath with my baby.

The cat when she decides she is my hot water bottle. : )

The validating jewelry customers that bought stuff and showered me with love.

Pony noses kissing baby noses.

Music class starting again. Makes for happy baby and long naps.

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