Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gratitude Sunday

I am joining my friends and my favorite blogs in posting what I have been grateful for over the last week.
(okay I missed a week, but I was still grateful!!); )

Several times over the last week I have looked up to see a myriad of dragonflies circling Melody and I on our walks. Ten to twenty of them at a time! Amazing!

I took Melody to the Caspar Headlands to clear my head and she was so excited in the pack in the morning air that she kept taking my face in both hands, laying a big kiss on me and flapping her little arms.

I am grateful that my body is getting stronger so that I can rise to the challenge of carrying my 25 pound baby that isn't mobile yet. I glanced in the mirror as I picked her up the other day and I was looking buff!!! lol!

Heart to heart talks with my Mom.

My Dad making it back from his two week long trip. I always feel better when I see the smoke coming out of his shop chimney next door.

I have started eating a salad a day. Fresh greens are coming in from the garden. Feels right.

A couple of times this last week Melody has fallen asleep early and I have been able to go outside in the evening light and get a few things done. I brushed the ponies, stacked some wood, watered the garden. Very very nice!

Star sawed up some wood on the back corner of the property. I am so glad he did that so I can start moving it over, splitting it and stacking it. I am sweating the firewood thing this year. I am a crazed squirrel. My ponies have already started shedding their summer coats and I am worried about a long winter. I have two rows split and stacked and I have at least four more rows to go. A little bit a day adds up and never has there been a better illustration of that theory than my firewood shed! I refuse to grovel in late spring for dry firewood! Ugh!

I love that Melody is such a bookworm. That's my girl!

Remembering to take deep breaths.

Time spent with my Sister this week.

My Dear pony's love for my baby. He will rest his nose on the stroller and close his eyes. He is so wonderful. I cherish every single day spent in his presence. I am so very thankful we still get to be together. He has been with me through thick and thin. I am forever his little girl.

The Osprey's that call to each other in the sky above my cabin. I guess you could say I have an affinity for them for whenever I hear their call I stop what I am doing till I can spy them in the sky. Never fails to leave me feeling blessed. They are such beautiful birds.

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